Oak wilt is a tree disease found in live oaks and red oaks. Tree Care, Arborist, Tree Surgeon, Tree Doctor. Arborist that treats Oak Wilt in Texas.

Oak Wilt Dallas, TX

Our locally-based, family-owned tree service company is devoted to battling the lethal tree disease known as oak wilt! For more than three decades, we have provided superior quality tree care services to the fine residents throughout Dallas, Texas, and the surrounding cities! Our owner and highly experienced tree expert, ISA Certified Arborist, tree doctor, tree care professionals, and plant pathologist are encountering this deadly oak tree disease in record-breaking numbers! As you know, our established Dallas, Texas neighborhoods are enhanced by a plethora of statuesque oak trees; therefore, the multitude of beautiful oak trees that have died from this deadly tree disease is blatantly obvious!

Oak wilt disease will strike every oak variety, although it favors live oak trees and the majestic Shumard red oak. Because these oak tree varieties flourish throughout Dallas, Texas, and our DFW metroplex region, many established neighborhoods here in Dallas, Texas have lost hundreds of valuable oak trees due to infection from oak wilt. If you notice that your prized oak tree is not looking well, do not delay in contacting us! Call the best arborist in Dallas, Texas at (817) 799-7808 and request for our owner and highly experienced tree expert, and our plant pathologist to come out and assess the health of your valuable oak tree!

Oak Wilt Identification In Dallas, TX

Fungal in origin, oak wilt is a deadly tree disease that completely shuts down the vascular system of your oak tree and prevents your tree from dispersing water and nutrients throughout the foliage and tree branches. For this reason, it is exceptionally important to contact our experienced tree care company when your oak tree first begins to exhibit a weak, unhealthy appearance. Signs to be watched for include a thinning canopy and premature defoliation. Most often, discoloration of infected foliage will range from yellow shades to brownish tones. If your tree is red oak, the leaves will develop an overall reddish color. Due to the swift destruction of your tree from oak wilt, contact the best arborist and tree care company in Dallas, Texas, and request a diagnostic evaluation. Laboratory testing is necessary to confirm oak wilt infection. Call us today at (817) 799-7808 if you suspect that your valuable oak tree is infected with oak wilt disease!

How Oak Wilt Spreads

This fungal pathogen oak tree nemesis is highly infectious and spreads rapidly throughout your outdoor grounds using excessive insect activity and entangled root systems of infected trees. Oak wilt spreads quickly and infected trees may die in only a few months or less! Oak wilt is responsible for killing over one million majestic oak trees throughout Dallas, Texas, and the DFW metroplex area! We cannot convey how critical it is that you contact us at (817) 799-7808 and request that our highly experienced owner and tree expert and ISA Certified Arborist examine your oak tree and that our plant pathologist tests your oak tree to see if it is indeed infected with oak wilt! You have no time to lose if your tree is infected with oak wilt!

How To Manage Oak Wilt

Without a doubt, the best way to manage a serious tree disease like oak wilt, as well as any other tree problems, is to prevent these tree issues from ever happening in the first place! Take a proactive approach and schedule a free consultation with our owner and highly-experienced tree expert and ISA Certified Arborist. You will be presented with the tree health care treatments that we provide and you will be advised what is best suited for your particular trees and residential grounds. Call us at (817) 799-7808 and schedule your complimentary consultation!

Oak Wilt Treatment In Dallas, TX

If the laboratory tests confirm that your oak tree indeed has oak wilt, immediate removal and destruction of all infected and dead trees by our experienced tree care company must be enacted quickly. Never store old oak firewood after the spring season and any old oak firewood must be removed and destroyed by our tree care professionals. Never attempt this dangerous, difficult job yourself, and do not hire inexperienced contract laborers! When in doubt, always contact the best arborist and tree care company in Dallas, Texas! Call us at (817) 799-7808!

Similar Tree Diseases

No matter if you own a home or you are a business owner in Dallas, Texas, you must be aware of the most common serious tree diseases in our city. First and foremost, the most destructive, deadly tree disease is oak wilt; however, hypoxylon canker also kills oak trees swiftly, as well as many other tree varieties. Bacteria infection can cause bacterial leaf scorch. Most often targeting fruit tree varieties, fire blight is extremely common and will quickly spread to your healthy trees if you do not take preventative measures! Remember, always contact the best arborist in Dallas, Texas to advise and aid you in combatting deadly tree diseases! We will ensure that your trees remain strong and healthy! Contact us today at (817) 799-7808!


  • Actinopelte Leaf Spot: Known also as Tubakia, this tree disease can occur in many oak tree varieties; however, it is most often seen in red oak trees.
  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch: Unsightly spots appear on oak tree foliage that looks like the leaves of your oak tree were burned. Laboratory testing is required for confirmation.
  • Biscogniauxia (Hypoxylon) Canker: This extremely dangerous, deadly fungal pathogen tree disease targets trees that are already in a weakened state.
  • Leaf Disease Outbreaks Across Texas: Cooler than average temperatures and excessive rainfall during the spring season can trigger fungal oak leaf disease outbreaks in Dallas, Texas.
  • Oak Leaf Blister: The majority of oak tree varieties are vulnerable to this unsightly fungal tree disease that causes circular, raised spots on oak foliage during cooler spring weather.
  • Sudden Oak Death: This rapid-spreading lethal tree disease is caused by a water mold pathogen. It has destroyed millions of valuable oak trees throughout Texas since first reported in 1995.
  • Rapid Oak Decline: Weather extremes such as drought and heavy rainfall have made Savannah post oak trees vulnerable to root rot, cankers, and wood-boring insects.


  • Fall Webworm: This is a very common foliage-feeding caterpillar here in our Dallas, Texas area. The immature stage of this caterpillar is the white moth.
  • Oak Leaf Rollers: This destructive moth species eat tree buds and young leaves, then rolls them together with spun silk.
  • Sap Eating Bore Beetle: These beetles are some of the most damaging to your trees, as they feed upon the tree roots and branches.


In addition to the above-listed tree diseases and insect pests that can damage your prized oak trees, the following serious tree diseases, weather-related events, and insect infestations can be extremely harmful to your valuable trees! When you notice that your tree is not looking healthy, you have observed excessive insect activity, or have been subjected to extreme weather conditions, call the best arborist and tree care company in Dallas, Texas! Contact us today at (817) 799-7808!

  • Ball Moss
  • Construction Damage
  • Herbicide Damage
  • Lichen
  • Lightning Damage
  • Live Oak Leaf Drop
  • Mistletoe
  • Post-Oak Issues
  • Severe Drought

Commercial & Residential Oak Wilt Treatment

If you suspect that your valuable oak tree may be suffering from a serious tree disease, contact the best arborist in Dallas, Texas immediately! The sooner that you take action and have treatment administered if your oak tree is sick, the greater your chances are that your prized oak tree will survive! Once your oak tree has been examined by our owner and tree expert and ISA Certified Arborist and our plant pathologist has confirmed oak wilt infection, a customized plan of action will be developed exclusively for your trees and your residential grounds! There are numerous ways to protect and guard the health of your valuable oak trees and our highly experienced owner and tree expert and plant pathologist will present these options to you! Call us today at (817) 799-7808 and schedule your free consultation with our owner and tree expert!