5 Things to Look Out For When Inspecting Your Trees this Winter

5 Things to Look Out For When Inspecting Your Trees this Winter

Winter tree damage is common during the winter months. It’s important to know these 5 Things to Look Out For When Inspecting Your Trees this Winter.

During the coldest months of the year, trees often lose leaves due to harsh weather conditions. This causes branches to break and limbs to fall. In addition, ice storms can cause extensive damage to trees.

Check for Dead or Dying Branches

If you notice any dead or dying branches on your trees, contact your local arborist right away. They will be able to help determine whether the branch was damaged by an animal or another type of natural disaster.

Check for Stem Rot

Stem rot is caused by fungi that infect the roots of trees. This infection can cause the trunk of the tree to die off. You should inspect your trees regularly throughout the year to make sure there aren’t any signs of stem rot.

Check for Insect Tree Damage

If you notice insect damage on your trees, it’s likely due to an infestation of insects. These pests will feed on the leaves, branches, and bark of your trees. They can also spread diseases that affect other parts of the tree.

Check for Signs of Tree Disease.

Insects can cause significant damage to your trees. However, there are some signs that indicate that your trees might be suffering from a more serious problem.

Check for Fallen Trees

If you notice any branches that appear to be broken off, check for insects near the base of the tree. You should also inspect the trunk for insect holes. These are the 5 Things to Look Out For When Inspecting Your Trees this Winter.

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